Drivers utilizing a Hubitat automation hub to interface Z-Wave and Zigbee devices with a Crestron Home processor

License Keys. Bliss HTA drivers are loaded to Crestron Home Processors via the Crestron Drivers Portal. To complete a permanent installation of a Crestron Home Extension Driver a License Key must be purchased on this website. The driver will operate without a licence key for two hours in demonstration mode. Demontration mode may be restarted by rebooting the Crestron Home processor. It is recommended that the configuration of Crestron Home processor, Hubitat automation hub, and Z-Wave and Zigbee devices be fully operational before a license key is purchased.

  • Crestron Home

    Automation Processor

  • Hubitat

    Automation Hub

  • Internet of Things

    Z-Wave and Zigbee Devices